Stories: The Path of Destinies


Stories - The Stylish Action-RPG is now available on PS4 and PC!

Stories is set in a vibrant fairytale universe filled with floating islands, airships and colorful magic.

In Stories, player embodies Reynardo, a sky corsair confronting an imminent doom threatening his realm.  The prodigious imperial armada have reached the borders and are on the verge ravaging everything on their path.

Last survivor of the vanguard, forced into the impossible mission of saving his realm, Reynardo knows that every single decision is crucial and that the future of everything he knows depend on it.


More than a classical action-RPG, Stories unfolds and explore an unprecedented storytelling system that we call "Alternate Reality Probing" (ARP).  Inspired by popular movies such as Groundhog day, Run Lola Run or The Edge of tomorrow, Alternate Reality Probing has undertaken the challenge of turning this concept into narrative system and to develop Stories on this foundation.

What ARP allows us to do, is to dynamically build a custom storyline entirely defined by player's choices and actions.  In a sense, Stories is a narrative puzzle in which player progressively learn more and more about the underlying layers and true motivations of each protagonist each time he plays.  Eventually, he becomes able to predict everyone's action and use this forbidden knowledge to his advantage and achieve uncanny outcomes... Only by reading beyond the appearances the solution to this infernal puzzle can emerge!

Stories: The Path of Destinies is now available!

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