Stories the path of destinies™
First look guide

You have been selected to receive a special early look at Stories: The Path of Destinies™. Congratulations!

You are welcome to stream, publish videos, or produce any other type of content using this preview version of the game. Upon publication of your content, feel free to share the link with us at so that we may promote your work on our channels.

Spearhead Games gives content creators permission to publish and monetize any video content produced with the special preview version of the game.

Assets can be found in the press kit below.

How to redeem your Steam key

  1. Log in your Steam account
  2. Click Add a Game then select Activate a Product on Steam
  3. Click Next, then I Agree, and input your key
  4. Stories should now be downloading in your Steam library. Once the installation is complete, you are ready to go!
[!] The build will launch in windowed mode. To activate fullscreen mode, press ALT+Enter.

About the Game

Stories is an action-RPG set in a vibrant fairytale universe filled with floating islands, majestic airships, and colorful magic. Reynardo, ex-pirate and unintentional hero, suddenly becomes the last line of the defense against the mad Emperor and his countless ravens. Can he come up with a plan that won’t blow up in his face, for a change?

In Stories, each choice you make takes Reynardo into a unique narrative. From tongue-in-cheek takes on heroic adventures to dark, Lovecraftian scenes, Stories’ repertoire is as diverse as it is action-packed. But Reynardo’s fateful decisions won’t always come easy: Sometimes retrieving a weapon lost at the beginning of time means sacrificing the life of an old friend.


[!] The Stories: The Path of Destinies First Look works best with a DualShock 4 controller. While other controllers are compatible, on-screen prompts will match the DualShock 4 buttons and configuration.

using the magic swords

In the First Look, you’ll begin with the Hero Sword, but you can also craft an additional sword.  If you have the required materials, simply go up to a workbench to forge or upgrade weapons. Each sword has a unique power that can be activated by pressing R2.  


Using the dash

In this First Look we have preemptively unlocked the Dash. Normally, this ability is unlocked by spending points in the skill tree. To use the Dash, hold X and tilt the Left Stick in the direction you want to go. Try Dashing through enemies! 


[!] This guide is made for content creators who applied to have an access to the preview version of Stories: The Path of Destinies™ on the following form:
Thanks for playing Stories!